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talesofvesperia's Journal

Tales of Vesperia
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The Tales of Vesperia LiveJournal Community
Welcome to the unofficial Tales of Vesperia LiveJorunal Community! Feel free to post whatever you like as long as each post is relevant to Tales of Vesperia. Please follow the rules, and don't forget to use tags to make searching for entries easier to find!

1. You're allowed to post whatever you like here, as long as the post is relevant to Tales of Vesperia in any way. Roleplay advertisements are welcomed, however, please don't advertise your community once every 3 days. Once every couple of months is fine.

2. No ship wars, please. Not everyone will like the same characters and pairings as you. This community is het, yuri and yaoi friendly!

3. Please respect other members. Treat others the way you'd like to be treated. Absolutely no flaming or trolling.

4. Please hide spoilers, large graphics, fanfic, icons (you may preview up to three icons before hiding them) and roleplay advertisements behind a LiveJournal cut. If you don't know how to make one, type <*lj-cut>text<*/lj-cut> without the asterisks. You may also make fake cuts to your personal community.

5. Tags are optional, but very much loved and encouraged. Here's a list of tags to help you out!

talesoftheabyss - The Tales of the Abyss LiveJournal Community
talesoflegendia - The Tales of Legendia LiveJournal Community
namco_tales - The Namco Tales LiveJournal Community
tovdressing - The Tales of Vesperia Dressing Room

If you need to contact the moderator, feel free to give her a PM or you may email her at gynophobic[at]gmail.com.