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Heyo~ I'm clearing out a large portion of my doujinshi collection and I have a couple Tales of Vesperia doujinshi for sale! The books are Raven/Yuri and Duke/Yuri!

You can find more info ≥≥≥≥≥≥≥≥ HERE AT MY SALES POST ≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤≤
There's also books from other fandoms if you happen to like things other than Tales of Vesperia!

Thanks for any interest!


Hello everyone! First, escuse me for my poor english.
Tales of Vesperia is almost six years old! I can't believe how much time passed. I remember when this community was full of activity and news about the game, icons everywhere and all those stuff.
I was a 13 year old girl when I first played this game. It's been a while since I played for the last time. I just wanted to know what do you feel when you remember playing Vesperia or if you still play it.

I haven't played this game in YEARS. But I really miss all the party! specially old raven. I remember how I cried with Raven's past, laughed with Karol's fancy costume and imagining Yuri and Estelle being a couple, Yuri and Judith being a couple and Yuri and Rita being a couple. (WHAT?) I loooooved this game so much and I really miss it! I think this weekend I'll play it, for the old times.

Well I would like some opinion, whatever. :) Saludos!

And I can't think about Tales of the Abyss. DAMN.

Selling: One Coin Figures

Hello! A friend of mine is paring down on stuff in preparation for moving and decided he doesn't need to have figures anymore. I know the Tales series one-coins are getting harder and harder to find, so I'm offering these ones to you guys first.

He's in a rush, though, so these MUST be paid for by Wednesday so he can ship them out to you before he leaves.

We've got Yuri and Raven. They've been opened and displayed and that's pretty much it. Asking $20USD each, which *includes* shipping to anywhere in North America.

This is a really good deal because we live in Canada and shipping here is really expensive. :U

Please let me know immediately if you're interested! Must be able to pay by Paypal. (Fear not the "omg possible scammer!!" thing. I've been on LJ for a million years. You guys are safe.)

(I've also made a near-identical post on the TotA comm over here, if you're interested in any other figures.)
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Tales of Vesperia Doujinshi help...

Does anyone have the following TOV doujinshi from Tsukishimaya that one would scan & share with this poor soul here? Curently I'm looking for the following  :

[(Click to see)]Tales of Vesperia doujinshi To the other side of the lacked night sky - 68pgs (* I'm really want to see this one! * T_T )

Tales of Vesperia doujinshi The World I Once Knew - 20pgs

Tales of Vesperia doujinshi Perpendicular Skew position - by Littera (Organizer), Tsukishimaya, es, and many more - 108pgs (I know that's alot of pages, sorry.)


Tales of Vesperia doujinshi Illustration Book - Re - 72pgs

NON - Tsukishimaya ones :

Tales of Vesperia doujinshi Living in a Distant Dream by 30 - 54pgs

Tales of Vesperia doujinshi desert by Kamabokodokoro - 24pgs

So, far these are the ones I have in mind at the moment. I might consider buying the Illustration book - RE if someone sells it at a reasonable price, but I'm more leaning to see if someone would be kind enough to scan & upload them ALL since I'm on a very stressed budget here. Please, please - anyhelp would be great!

(I had a lot of problem trying to post this - I'm not sure why LJ is giving me a bit of trouble. Let me know if there's some trouble viewing them.)


112 x Tales of the Abyss [Luke, Natalia, Guy, Asch, Tear, Ion, Nebilim, Sync, Anise, Dist, the Tartarus, groups and pairs]
54 x Tales of Symphonia [Colette, Sheena, Lloyd, Mithos, Seles, groups and pairs]

37 x Tales of Vesperia [Yuri, Raven, Flynn, Duke, Sodia, Patty, Judith, Estelle&Yuri, Flynn&Yuri, Patty&Yuri, Repede&Yuri, Judith&Raven, Karol&Yuri, Rita&Yuri, Raven&Karol, Raven&Karol&Yuri, Karol&Raven&Rita]
2 x Plurk [Symphonia Party, Yuri]


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SALES: Tales of Chara Land, Nendo Petite figures, and es rubber straps!

Hello! I'm selling a number of different figures from Tales of as well as figures from Fate/Extra, Hetalia, and Vocaloid over here. Items for sale are:
• Fate/Extra JP Limited Edition Box Set (including figma)
• Good Smile Company Sakura Miku Nendoroid
• Good Smile Company Hatsune Miku Yukata ver. Nendoroid
• Good Smile Company Vocaloid #1 Nendoroid Petite
• Good Smile Company Tales of Nendoroid Petite
• MegaHouse Tales of Chara Land
• Kotobukiya Tales of Friends vol. 3 es rubber strap collection
• Kotobukiya Hetalia chapter 1 One Coin Grande
Thanks for any interest!